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The NCAATG regularly holds two conferences per year. All AATG members and prospective members are welcome to attend these conferences. They provide an excellent opportunity to meet with a cross-section of colleagues from the state of North Carolina to discuss topics of mutual interest. For non-members, they are a chance to meet with fellow professionals and weigh the benefits of membership.

Next Meeting:

2015 Spring Meeting
Saturday, February 7, 2015 at UNC Chapel Hill
Title: Wir sind Helden
Hosted by Sara Budarz and Tin Wegel

Past Meetings:
2014 Fall Meeting
Saturday, September 13 at Elon University
Title: Film im Unterricht with AATG President Mohamed Esa
Hosted by Scott Windham
Meeting Notes

2014 Spring Meeting
8 February 2014, 9:00-4:00 at Raleigh Charter High School,
Topic: MINT für den Unterricht! (Mathematik, Informatik, Naturwissenschaft, und Technologie!)
Hosted by Beth Gulewich
Meeting Notes

2013 Fall Meeting
28 September 2013 at Wake Forest University
Topic: German in STEM & Business
Hosted by Alyssa Howards
Meeting Notes

2013 Spring Meeting
19 January 2013 at Cary Academy
Topic: 8tung! 10 Neue Techno Ideen für das Klassenzimmer
Hosted by Wendy Burgbacher
Meeting Notes

2012 Fall Meeting
8 September 2012 at Elon University
Topic: "Sustaining and Strengthening German Programs in North Carolina"
Other agenda items: Elections for President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer
Hosted by Scott Windham

2012 Spring Conference: 4 February 2011 at Needham B. Broughton High School
Topic: Märchen im Unterricht
Hosted by Beth Gulewich

2011 Fall Conference: 28-29 October 2011 at UNC Chapel Hill.
Topics: Lyrical Poetry in German Songs, as well as New AP Requirements
Special guest: Inge Walther from Duke University
Hosted by Tin Wegel and Beth Gulewich, with assistance from Elizabeth Schreiber-Byers

2011 Spring Conference: 5 February 2011 at Providence High School
Topic: Deutsch klingt gut -- Musik im DaF-Unterricht
Hosted by Stacy Feldstein and Linda Horvath.

2010 Fall Conference: 22-23 October 2010 at Guilford College.
Topic: FanTECHnisch — Integrating Technology into the German Classroom
Special guest: Nathan Hammond
Hosted by David Limburg, in cooperation with Susanne Rinner (UNCG)

2010 Spring Conference: 20 February 2010 at Northwest Guilford High School.
Topic: Film und Video im DaF-Unterricht
Hosted by Lisa Worthington.

2009 Fall Conference: 11-12 September 2009 at Wake Forest University.
Topic: Geschichte, Politik, Revolte
Hosted by Alyssa Howards

2009 Spring Conference: 14 February 2009 at UNC Greensboro.
Topic: Digital Pedagogies 2.0
Hosted by Susanne Rinner.

2008 Fall Conference: 29-30 August 2008 at Appalachian State University.
Topic: Act Now! Theater in the German Classroom.
Workshops led by Michael Höfig (Goethe Institute New York) and Tin Wegel (UNC Chapel Hill).
Hosted by Alexandra Hellenbrand.

2008 Spring Conference: 16 February 2008 at East Chapel Hill School.
Topic: Comparing Textbooks in High School and College.
Hosted by Jim Propst.

2007 Fall Conference: 19-20 October 2007 at Elon University.
Topic: Too Much Literature? The Role of Literary Studies in the German Classroom.
Hosted by Scott Windham, featuring Consul General Dr. Lutz Hermann Görgens.

2007 Spring Conference: 17 February 2007 at Lenoir-Rhyne College.
Topic: Connections, Connections: Linking Language Learning to Music, Art, and More.
Hosted by Werner Schulz and Gabriele Weinberger.

2006 Fall Conference: 27-28 October 2006 at Duke University and UNC CHapel Hill.
Topic: Breaking Barriers: Advocacy, Articulation and Pedagogy.
Hosted by Richard Langston and Ingeborg Walther, featuring former AATG President Jo Sanders.

2006 Spring Conference: 11 February 2006 at Salem College.
Topic: Austria: Scenes, Sounds, (Web) Sites. Hosted by Norgard Klages.

2005 Fall Conference: 28-29 October 2005 at Davidson College.
Topics: Context, Content, Culture: Energizing Students At All Levels.
Hosted by Burkhard Henke, featuring textbook author Lutz Rohrmann (Langenscheidt).

2005 Spring Conference: 25-26 February 2005 at the SCOLT-FLANC Conference in Charlotte.

2004 Fall Conference: 24-25 September 2004 at the Career Center in Winston-Salem.
Topic: Das ABC von TPR Storytelling and kommunikative Unterrichtsformen.
Hosted by Brigitte Woloszyn, featuring Jim and Marilyn Davidheiser and Jürgen Weigmann.

2004 Spring Conference: 7 February 2004 at Duke University, Durham.
Topic: Aktivitäten mit Literatur für den Unterricht der ersten zwei Jahre.
Hosted by Ingeborg Walther, featuring John Lalande.

2003 Fall Conference: 12-13 September 2003 at UNC Greensboro, featuring a workshop
led by Karin Gündisch and Anne Green. Topic: Jugendliteratur mit Autorin Karin Gündisch.
Hosted by Karin Baumgartner.

2003 Spring Conference: 22 February 2003 at the Career Center in Winston-Salem.
Topic: Teaching Cultural Stereotypes and Current-Day Issues through Jugendliteratur.
Workshop Leader: Dr. Gisela Moffitt of Central Michigan University. Hosted by Brigitte
Wolosyzn and Susan David.

2002 Fall Conference: 13-14 September 2002 at Davidson College, Davidson.
Topic: Applying Information Technology in the Classroom. Hosted by Burkhard Henke.

2002 Spring Conference: 9 February 2002 at North Carolina State University, Raleigh.
Topic: Film in the Classroom. Hosted by Helga Braunbeck.

2001 Fall Conference: 14-15 September 2001 at North Iredell High School, Olin.
Topic: Captivating Short Reading Selections. Hosted by David Savage.

2001 Spring Conference: 10 February 2001 at Appalachian State University, Boone.
Topic: Die Europäische Union im Sprachunterricht. Hosted by Beverly Moser.

2000 Fall Conference: 23 September 2000 at Duke University, Durham.
Topic: Drama im Unterricht. Hosted by Ingeborg Walther.

2000 Spring Conference: 1 April 2000 at Guilford College, Greensboro.
Topic: Promoting German Studies in North Carolina. Hosted by Dave Limburg.

1999 Fall Conference: 22-23 October 1999 at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
Hosted by Penelope Pynes.

1999 Spring Conference: 20 February 1999 at Davidson College, Davidson.
Topic: Hands-On Technology. Hosted by Scott Denham and Burkhard Henke.

1998 Fall conference: 18-19 September 1998 at Cary Academy, Cary.