2009 Spring Conference

"Digital Pedagogies 2.0"
14 February 2008




Dear Colleagues:

You are cordially invited to attend our next Lehrertagung, "Digital Pedagogies 2.0," at UNC Greensboro on 14 February 2009. The conference is made possible by the generous support of UNCG and AATG.

We hope the topic of the conference will be of interest to many of you. The goal is to introduce and to explore opportunities that Web 2.0 offers for the teaching and learning of German. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, teaching courses online; using the web in innovative ways in order to enhance communication in the target language; facilitating contact among students of German and between students of German in the US and elsewhere; and using the web for the development of materials, the actual teaching of materials, and assessment purposes.

We hope that this focus will help instructors of all levels of German to learn from one another and to understand how the internet is currently used and which future uses we as teachers of German envision. Rather than a top-down and theoretical approach to the teaching and learning of German we hope to present practical information, to engage in lively conversations about the opportunities and challenges of the use of the internet in the modern language classroom, and to focus on hands-on information and best practices. At the end of the day, we hope that everybody leaves Greensboro with a deeper understanding of how technological advances and their practical applications shape the way we teach, learn, think, and communicate.

All AATG members and prospective members are welcome to attend. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues of all levels, to learn about interesting ways to expand your language teaching, and to help shape German Day for high school students (at UNC Chapel Hill, 5 March 2009). It is also a great way to earn CEUs and, for non-members, to meet with fellow professionals and weigh the benefits of membership. It's not be missed!



To register for the conference, please download the registration form (pdf), and return the form along with a check (made out to NCAATG) to Susanne Rinner

postmarked by February 4.

Conference fees are $15 for members or $20 for non-members. Full-time students and teachers in their first or second year of service may attend at half price ($7.50)!!!

Conference Certificate
Conference Receipt



Samstag, den 14. Februar 2009

9:30-10:00 Kaffeeklatsch; Begrüßung (Rinner, Henke)

Digitale Pädagogik 2.0
Einführung Dr. Susanne Rinner/ Anita Campitelli


Präsentation Joachim Körner, Freedom High School, Morganton


Präsentation Gisela Hood, World Language Specialist, Greensboro


Präsentation Dr. David Neville, Elon University


Präsentation Dr. Raymond Burt, UNCW and Dr. Andreas Lixl, UNCG

12:00-12:45 Mittagessen Claxton, EUC
12:45-13:30 Präsentation Dr. Elizabeth Snyder, UNCA MHRA
13:30-14:00 Abschlussdiskussion MHRA

German Day-Planung, u.a. mit Wahl des besten T-Shirt Designs (Langston)


Geschäftssitzung (mit Kaffee und Kuchen)

  • Jahresbericht des Präsidenten (Henke)
  • Jahresbericht der Schatzmeisterin (Hawkins)
  • Ankündigung des Testing Chairs (Denham)
  • Vorschau: Herbsttagung an Wake Forest, 9.-10.Oktober (Howards)
  • Vorschau: Deutsches Wochenende (Metzler)
  • Wahl des President-Elect (Henke):
    -- Alyssa Howards
    -- Tin Wegel
  • Amtsübergabe (Henke, Worthington)
16:00 Verabschiedung   MHRA



Susanne Rinner, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of German Studies
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese Studies
1117 Moore Humanities and Research Administration
1111 Spring Garden Street
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

1-336-334-5885 fax


   Map, Directions, Parking


The meeting will take place in the Moore Humanities and Research Administration building (MHRA) on Spring Garden St. The building has the number 246 on the campus map. Guests can park free of charge in lots marked "ACE." One of these lots is located behind the MHRA building on Forest St. If you decide to park in the Oakland Ave. Parking Deck, the charge is $5/day. The actual meeting room is MHRA 1215.



1. Christiane Hawkins
2. Brigitte Woloszyn
3. Gabriele Weinberger
4. Christina Uden
5. Stacy Feldstein
6. Samantha Michele Riley
7. Christina Wegel
8. Nabeel Kandah
9. Norgard Klages
10. Scott Denham
11. Gisela Hood
12. Burkhard Henke
13. Joachim Körner
14. Andreas Lixl
15. Elizabeth Snyder
16. Alyssa Howards
17. Richard Langston
18. Susanne Rinner
19. Lisa Worthington
20. Jim Propst
21. John Edmunds
22. Marilyn Metzler
23. Kevin Kennedy
24. David Neville
25. Jennifer Bienert
26. Tom Skinner
27. Sabine Schmid-Rankin
28. David Limburg
29. Beverly Moser
30. Alexandra Sterling-Hellenbrand
31. Jochen Wachter
32. Michelle Boaz
33. Linda Horvath
34. Mark R. McCulloh
35. Margarita G. Harmaty
36. Dale Jones
37. Talia Kazan
38. Petra Martignoni
39. Miriam Keller
40. Arndt Niebisch
41. Richard Apgar
42. Tayler M. Kent
43. Charlotte F. LeHecka