2008 Spring Conference


"Comparing Textbooks for High School and College"

East Chapel Hill High School
16 February 2008




Dear Colleagues:

You are cordially invited to attend our next Lehrertagung, "Comparing Textbooks for High School and College." The event will take place 16 February at East Chapel Hill High School. It is made possible by the generous support of East Chapel Hill HS and AATG.

We hope the topic of the conference will be of interest to many of you. What is more, we are delighted to have with us three special guests. Dagmar Schalliol of Langenscheidt (Chicago) will present an attractive line of textbooks while Sönke Lorenz, Deputy Consul General, and Michael Höfig, Consultant for German, Goethe-Institut NY (Atlanta Office) will offer their support in strengthening German programs across the state.

All AATG members and prospective members are welcome to attend. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet with colleagues of all levels, to learn about interesting ways to expand your language teaching, and to help shape German Day for high school students (at Elon University, 6 March 2008). For non-members, the Lehrertagung is also a chance to meet with fellow professionals and weigh the benefits of membership. It's not be missed!



To register for the conference, please download the registration form (pdf), and return the form along with a check made out to NCAATG to Jim Propst

postmarked by February 6.

Conference fees are $15 for members or $20 for non-members. Full-time students and teachers in their first or second year of service may attend at half price ($7.50)!!!

Conference Certificate
Conference Receipt



Samstag, den 16. Februar 2008

9:30-10:00 Kaffeeklatsch; Begrüßung (Propst, Henke)
Slant Room (in the only, large building on campus; front doors are open)

Präsentationen mit anschließender Diskussion (Dagmar Schalliol):

Slant Room
11:00-12:00 Präsentationen zu weiteren Lehrwerken:

Slant Room
12:00-12:45 Mittagessen Slant Room
12:45-14:00 Diskussion in Arbeitsgruppen, Ergebnisse im Plenum Slant Room

Ankündigungen: Sönke Lorenz, Deputy Consul General, and Michael Höfig, Consultant for German, Goethe-Institut NY (Atlanta Office)

Slant Room

Geschäftssitzung (mit Kaffee und Kuchen)

  • Jahresbericht des Präsidenten (Henke)
  • Jahresbericht der Schatzmeisterin (Hawkins)
  • Ankündigung des Testing Chairs (Denham)
  • Vorschau: Herbsttagung an Appalachian State (Hellenbrand)
  • Vorschau: Deutsches Wochenende (Metzler)
  • German Day-Planung, u.a. mit Wahl des besten T-Shirt Designs (Windham)
Slant Room
16:00 Verabschiedung   Slant Room



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East Chapel Hill High School
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  1. Benson, Richard
  2. Blankenship, Robert (v)
  3. Boaz, Michelle
  4. Denham, Scott (v)
  5. Feldstein, Stacy
  6. Freytag, Susanne (v)
  7. Gilbert, Franca
  8. Gilbert, Jeanne
  9. Goodman, Tatjana
  10. Hawkins, Christiane
  11. Henke, Burkhard
  12. Höfig, Michael
  13. Horvath, Linda
  14. Kandah, Nabeel S.
  15. Klages, Norgard (v)
  16. Langston, Richard
  17. Lorenz, Sönke
  18. McCulloh, Mark
  19. Metzler, Marilyn
  20. Parkinson, Anna
  21. Propst, Jim
  22. Rapp-Chase, Gudrun
  23. Riley, Samantha *
  24. Rinner, Susanne
  25. Schreiber-Byers, Elizabeth (v)
  26. Schalliol, Dagmar
  27. Schulz, Werner
  28. Seawell, Bradley
  29. Skinner, Tom
  30. Spampinato, Tracy Flynn
  31. Stammerjohann, Lisbeth
  32. Uden, Christina
  33. Verhoeven, Gabriele
  34. Walther, Ingeborg
  35. Wheeler, Jayne
  36. Wieden, Anja
  37. Windham, Scott
  38. Woloszyn, Brigitte
  39. Worthington, Lisa