German Day 2017


Seventeenth Annual German Day: Hier stehe ich...

March 2, 2017
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Wake Forest University

Hier stehe ich


Dear Friends:

We are pleased to welcome you to NC-AATG’s annual German Day, to be held on Thursday, March 2, 2016, at Wake Forest University in Wake Forest, NC from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Theme: This year’s German Day is “Hier stehe ich” As always, students participating in skit performances, poster design, and the T-shirt contest must incorporate the theme into their work. The motto will also be part of an extemporaneous speaking prompt.T-shirt art entries can be submitted two ways: 1) brought to the Saturday, February 11th NC-AATG meeting in Chapel Hill OR 2) sent to by Friday, February 10th.

Scheduling Restraints: Each school may participate in all activities, though scheduling constraints will force you and your students to choose some specific activities for each student. We will post a tentative schedule as soon as possible to help you plan.

Deadlines: Registration forms are due no later than Wednesday, February 22, 2017. Receipt of all registrations will be acknowledged via email. Late registrations will not be accepted. Please mail your registration and fees in a timely fashion. No T-shirts will be sold on German Day - all orders must be sent in by February 22nd.

Other items of note: This year we will be awarding honorable mentions, so remind your students that not only those with flawless German skills win! In the past, honorable mentions have been given to students who have been creative, supportive, or who have shown resilience.

IMPORTANT note about Video submissions and Karaoke: In the past, we have had a separate Karaoke event on campus the day of the event. Because of time, room, and volunteer constraints, that will not be possible this year. Instead, your students may film their Karaoke submission (any song of their choice, in German) ahead of time for the video event. A quick note about the video event: as the rules state, each school may submit up to 2 entries. There is no limit on how many students can be in a video, but the video can be no longer than five minutes. Submissions may fall under one of three categories: 1) slam poetry; 2) karaoke; 3) an ad to promote German. Unlike the skits, there is no requirement to adhere to this year's theme. Trophies will be awarded for the top 3 videos in each category (so a total of 9 awards for the video contest in general). If your student were planning on doing Karaoke the day of the event, please redirect them to perform and film the video ahead of time, to submit by Monday, February 20. I have pasted the official rules at the bottom of this e-mail. Please note that the original registration form is confusing in this regard: it lists Karaoke as a separate event, but it should not be.

Fees: Required Registration = $5.00; optional T-shirt = $10.00; bag lunch = $8.00. In other words, $15 gets students t-shirt and the registration fee. Bagged lunches are available for purchase. Teachers and judges who are AATG members get lunch free of charge and are not charged a registration fee. As with student T-shirts, adult T-shirts cost $10 a piece. (Become a member).

Dining Options: Bag lunches will be available for $8. Boxed lunches will be served in the Reece Gallery in Benson Student Center. Teachers’ & chaperones’ registration fee includes lunch.