German Day 2008

Eighth Annual German Day: "Wo ich bin, ist  .de"

March 6, 2008
9:30-3:00 pm
Elon University



     -----See the results of the competitions here-----


Download the registration form here (pdf).



See all 2008 contests here.



Find the 2008 schedule here (pdf).


Map and Directions

Elon University
Interactive campus map
Downloadable map (pdf)

Directions for buses. NB: These bus-friendly directions differ from what’s on Elon’s website.

  • Take Interstate 85/40 to Exit 140 (University Drive). From 85 South/40 West, exit right and turn right. From 85 North/40 East, exit right and turn left.
  • Follow University Drive approximately 1-2 miles. Cross US 70/Church Street.
  • At the next light, University Drive becomes Cook Road. Stay on University/Cook for approximately 1 mile.
  • Cross the railroad tracks, then turn right at the stop sign onto Haggard Avenue.
  • Follow Haggard Avenue for 1-2 miles to the edge of campus. Turn left at the stoplight onto Williamson Avenue.
  • Buses pull into the circle drive at the Fine Arts Center and unload students.
  • In case of overflow, buses may safely stop along Williamson Avenue to unload students.
  • Buses proceed along Williamson Avenue to Rhodes Stadium for parking. (Follow signs.)

Check-in: McKinnon Hall (inside Moseley Center). Walk through or around the Fine Arts center; Moseley is straight ahead and somewhat to your right, on the large quadrangle between Belk Library and the Koury Athletic facility.

Directions for cars. Cars will park in a different location.

  • Follow the above. When you get to Williamson Avenue on the edge of campus, keep going straight; don’t turn left onto Williamson.
  • Turn left at the stoplight on North O'Kelly Ave.
  • Cars may park in the visitors lot, to your left, adjacent to Moseley Center. Parking also available in the student lot across the street, adjacent to McMichael Science Building and the Business School. (If you park here, tell Scott Windham so he can alert campus police not to tow you.)



Scott Windham
Assistant Professor of German
Elon University
Campus Box 2125
Elon, NC 27244
Phone: 336.278.5841



Dear Friends:

You and your students are cordially invited to NC-AATG’s eighth annual German Day, to be held this year on Thursday, March 6, at Elon University from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.

2008 competitions will be the same as in the past two years. (Significant changes were made in 2006; read about them in the welcome letter from Norgard Klages at last year’s German Day.) Competitions are:

  • the Spelling Bee (level I and II students) – up to 5 students per school;
  • the Verb Bee (advanced students in levels III and higher) – up to 5 students per school;
  • the Poetry Recitation Contest (with a separate section for heritage learners*) – up to 8 students per school (2 each in levels I, II & III, plus 2 heritage);
  • the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest – up to 6 students per school (2 each in 3 levels);
  • the Skit Contest – up to 2 teams per school;
  • the Singing Contest – up to 4 performances per school (2 in each level);
  • the Kultur-Pokal Contest, level I (questions in English for German I and II) – up to 3 teams per school
  • the Kultur-Pokal Contest, level II (questions in German for German III+ and heritage learners*) – up to 3 teams per school;
  • the Poster Contest – up to 5 entries per school;
  • the Art Contests – up to 10 entries per school (5 each in 2D art and photography);
  • the T-Shirt Logo Contest – up to 5 entries per school.

(*heritage learners are native speakers, students who speak German at home, or students who have been to full-time German school, in Europe or a Deutsche Schule elsewhere).

For the Spelling Bee and Verb Bee Contests we will use only words in the textbooks Komm mit! and Deutsch aktuell. We’ve provided a list of verbs for the Verb Bee. For the Kultur-Pokal we will quiz only information contained in the textbooks Komm mit!, Deutsch aktuell, and Kaleidoskop.

As always, all contests have prizes for the best performance.

Each school may participate in all activities, though scheduling constraints will force you and your students to choose some specific activities for each student. (See the schedule [to be linked here later] to help you plan—making sure not to cross-schedule students!) Of course, you are welcome to bring along students who are not competing to cheer on their classmates!

The motto of the this year’s German Day is "Wo ich bin, ist .de", which must be incorporated into the skits, posters, and t-shirt design. The motto will be part of the extemporaneous speaking prompt, as well.

Deadlines: Registration forms are due February 15. Mail them to me and don't forget to order t-shirts [see the winning design here]!

Fees: Required Registration = $4; optional t-shirt = $9.00; optional Lunch = $7.00. In other words, $20 gets students everything they need: t-shirt, lunch, and the registration fee. Teachers and judges who are AATG members get lunch and t-shirt free of charge, and are not charged a registration fee. Teachers and judges who are not AATG members get lunch free of charge and are not charged a registration fee; t-shirts for them cost $9. (Go to the AATG website to become  a member.)

We look forward to another great German Day! See you on campus.

Warm regards,
Scott Windham