German Day 2006


Sixth Annual German Day

"Rund um den Ball"

March 1, 2006
9:30 am - 3:00 pm
Davidson College


Map and Directions

Directions and Parking.
Park for free (incl. buses) in one of the three big parking lots opposite Baker Sports Complex and Richardson Stadium, then walk to the Knobloch Campus Center (Union) to register.
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Scott Denham
Davidson College



Download the registration form here (pdf).
Deadline is February 11, 2006.


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Find times and locations here (pdf).

Dear Friends:

You and your students are all cordially invited to NCAATG’s sixth annual German Day, to be held this year on Wednesday, March 1, at Davidson College from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm.

German Day has continued to grow every year, with last year’s meeting at UNC-Greensboro hosting over 700 students and teachers! That success was of course thanks to Karin Baumgartner’s leadership and hard work over the last several years. We are all grateful for her good work.

Karin has left big organizational shoes to fill, but we’ll try! Burkhard Henke and I are looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new members of our German community of teachers and learners this year at Davidson.

Based on decisions participants made at a workshop during the Fall 2005 NCAATG meeting, the formats and kinds of competitions are slightly modified from those of the past. The workshop participants wanted to do two things: work towards fairness in the competitions by having clear information about the content of the various contests available to everyone before the event (click on the "Competitions" link above for details on each event); and expand a bit to allow more opportunities for students of varying skill and competency levels. Thus we’ve added an extemporaneous speaking category (with an emphasis on a handful of current topics of interest in culture and politics), and made more clear the place in the competitions for heritage learners or for those students who have spent time in a German-speaking country or school.

Above all, we have begun a process of WRITTEN QUALIFYING ROUNDS for the spelling bee, verb bee, and the Kultur-Pokal. This will allow more students to participate; will make things more equitable, since all students in a given competition answer the same sets of questions during the preliminary rounds, rather than the luck-of-the-draw nature of the bee-format; and will make things more time-efficient.

Competitions are:

  1. the Spelling Bee (level I and II students) – up to 5 students per school;
  2. the Verb Bee (advanced students in levels III and higher) – up to 5 students per school;
  3. the Poetry Recitation Contest (with a separate section for heritage learners*) – up to 8 students (2 each in levels I, II & III, plus 2 heritage*) per school;
  4. the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest – up to 6 students per school, 2 each in 3 levels;
  5. the Skit Contest – up to 2 teams per school;
  6. the Singing Contest – up to 4 performances per school, 2 in each level;
  7. the Kultur-Pokal Contest, level I (questions in English for German I and II) – up to 3 teams per school; and level II (questions in German for German III+ and heritage learners*) – up to 3 teams per school. This was formerly called the "Einstein-Bowle" but now that the Einsteinjahr is passed, we wanted to emphasize broad cultural knowledge, available in our NC textbooks, as the basis for this contest;
  8. the Poster Contest – up to 5 entries per school;
  9. the Art Contests – up to 10 entries per school, 5 each in 2D art and photography;
  10. and the T-Shirt Logo Contest – up to 5 entries per school.

(*"heritage learners" are native speakers, students who speak German at home, or students who have been to full-time German school, in Europe or a Deutsche Schule elsewhere. If you have questions about a student who might qualify as a heritage learner, please contact Scott Denham.)

For the Spelling Bee and Verb Bee Contests we will use only words in our textbooks Komm mit! and Deutsch aktuell. We’ve provided a list of verbs for the Verb Bee. For the Kultur-Pokal we will quiz only information contained in in our textbooks Komm mit!, Deutsch aktuell and Kaleidoskop.

And as always, all contests have prizes for the best performance.

Each school may participate in all activities, though scheduling constraints will force you and your students to choose some specific activities for each student.

Who can do what? (See the schedule to get an idea of which competitions are happening at which hours.)

The schedule of activities is linked at the top. You will need to make sure your students participate in activities that are not cross-scheduled. You are again invited to bring all of your students to campus to help cheer on their classmates.

The motto of the 6th annual German Day is "Rund um den Ball," a gesture not only toward the place of German on the Erdball but also toward the soccer world up, hosted of course by Germany in 2006. Ball, Erdball, Fußball, will no doubt inspire fun and clever designs in your students’ posters and T-shirts (I’m seeing the Wiener Opernball myself). The "Rund um den Ball" motto must also be incorporated into the skits, posters, t-shirt design, and will be part of the extemporaneous speaking prompt, as well.

Deadlines! We need your registration forms by February 11, the day of the spring NCAATG meeting at Salem College, February 13. Mail them to me before then, or bring them to me on that Saturday 2/11.

Don't forget to order t-shirts! Congratulations to Jillian Dunbar (13), student of Jo Garrison's at Ligon Middle School and winner of this year's t-shirt contest!

                 Click image to enlarge the winning t-shirt logo.


Money matters!

Required Registration = $4
Optional T-Shirt = $8.50
Optional Lunch = $7.50 (Gets you a nice choice of sandwich, cookie, apple, chips, drink. There are no other lunch options on campus that day since it is Davidson’s spring break and the cafeteria is closed.)

$20 gets students everything they need: t-shirt, lunch, and the registration fee.
Teachers who are AATG members: lunch and t-shirt free of charge. No registration fee.
Teachers who are not AATG members: lunch and t-shirt $16. No registration fee. [ AATG dues are set by salary and range from $30-$95 per year. If you are interested in becoming a member, please consult our constitution and by-laws and see the information on the national page].

We look forward to another great German Day!

Scott Denham