Deutsches Wochenende 2012

Deutsches Wochenende 2012
Theme: "Hau 'rein"


9.-10. November 2012
Camp Caraway, Asheboro



August 6, 2012

Dear Colleagues:

The 2012 annual North Carolina German Immersion Weekend for advanced German students will be held on November 9-10th at Camp Caraway in Asheboro. The camp is sponsored by the North Carolina chapter of the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG). It is a great tradition going back to 1980. The theme for this year's camp will be “Hau ‘rein!” a theme around foods and eating traditions. Among the events planned are:

There will be prizes to award donated by German-speaking firms and language organizations.

The cost of the camp is $55, which includes room, meals, and a T-shirt. Campers must bring their own towels, sleeping bags or linens and a pillow. Campers will sleep in bunk beds in their respective rooms (girls’ or boys’). Students should also bring some comfortable shoes and clothing, rain gear, a flash light and a digital camera (one per school). The camp lasts approximately 24 hours, from about 5 pm on Friday until about the same time Saturday.

Payments are due to the teacher by October 19th along with T-shirt sizes and consent forms. At this point the student is committed. Teachers will send in collected money by Friday, October 27th so t-shirts can be ordered and delivered on time. Checks should be made out to RJReynolds HS German Club. Please understand that there are no refunds possible.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Frau Woloszyn

Frau Worthington-Groce

Herr Reierstad